The Story That Started It All

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Some of you are probably wondering why I decided to have my condo rented for free. Well, I have my own reasons, but there is a story that I came across one day, that inspired me to do this humble act of giving. What I do now, is nowhere near what this man did for others.

Every day, there are plenty acts of love that we encounter from others. It is these little things that sometimes make big impacts on those who really need help and support. A lot of us may be strangers from each other, but even this should not stop anybody from helping those who are in need.

Being a stranger surely did not stop a man from helping a homeless guy relive his life. Mr. Thompson was preparing for his retirement. He plans to spend the last years of his life cruising around the world. He availed of a seniors travel insurance so that he can go about the world in ease and with no worries. On the night that he announced his official retirement as CEO of a company, he was headed home when he passed by a man who was getting ready to sleep by the sidewalk. He is not a stranger to this sight because there are a few homeless people around the area and usually, he would hand out a bill so that the homeless person could buy a decent meal.

That night, however, was a different and special night. He asked his driver to stop. He got out of his car and asked the homeless guy to ride with him. At first the homeless guy refused but seeing that Mr. Thompson looked sincere, he went inside the car, confused at what’s going on.

When they reached the house, Mr. Thompson told his driver to wait for him because he’ll only be a while. He then led the homeless guy inside the house and gave him bread and milk. Unlike other rich people, Mr. Thompson came from a simple family before reaching what he has reached. That was why his house was also not too extravagant. It was a simple bungalow-type home.

The homeless guy was shocked when Mr. Thompson handed him the keys, saying that the guy needs it more than he does. He said that the guy can do whatever he wants with the house and everything in it. After all, he was going to take a cruise around the world and that will be years before he comes back.

The homeless guy stood there in shock, tears in his eyes. He asked Mr. Thompson if it was okay to have the other homeless guys stay at the house as well. Mr. Thompson nodded to that then began to take the things he was going to take with him.

As Mr. Thompson headed out to the driveway, he asked for the name of the homeless guy. His name was Earl.

Mr. Thompson stayed at a hotel that night then started his cruise the very next day. He may be old and alone in his life, but he has a happy, fruitful and meaningful life because of the many people that he was able to help.

Right now, he travels the world, happy and contented with his life. He left happy because he knows he has helped some homeless have a shelter to call their own, and he was stress-free because he does not even have to worry where the winds would take him on his cruise, knowing that he is insured so easily through

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When I came across this story, I was deeply moved. He was a stranger and he did not need to do what he did for the homeless guy, Earl. But He did it anyway.

I may also be a stranger to him, but he has moved me, and has become the reason why I also started having my condo rented for free.

This is great evidence that even strangers can have great impacts on each other’s lives.

Rick Hammett