The Best Area to Find a Home for Sale

We had a tenant this summer that was also in the real estate business. I always enjoy talking to others that are in the same profession as I am or was. It is just fun to speak with someone who has similar interest as yourself. They were a lovely couple from the great state of Georgia. I have done a lot of business in Georgia and know the state very well. He sells houses from all over the state. Which is very smart on his part, because he does not limit his area. I was very surprised with this, not many real estate agents will do that. Most agents, will stay in one area and make their living there. So many homes for sale around the country.

So I asked him about some of the places that he had homes for sale. He told me that one of his favorite places to sell from was the Atlanta area. He was telling me that was where he would make most of his money from. I myself have sold houses in the Atlanta area and I know that you can make a lot of money there. It is a very good area to do real estate at. He said that he does most of his business in that area. Most agents can just stay in that area and make their living. The metro Atlanta area can be a gold mine if you do it right. This area is for veterans of the field. A new agent could possibly have trouble trying to start out in such a competitive environment.

He also said he liked the Augusta area. I have not done any business there. Augusta is on the other side of the state from Atlanta. He said this was his number two spot for business. It is another big city in Georgia, but it is nowhere near as big as Atlanta. He said the Augusta area has many nice neighborhoods where you could make a lot of money. They are also newer homes. Which is what a lot of people are looking for now. People want more of the modern look. Modern was becoming popular when I did real estate for a living. He was telling me the new and modern subdivision were making it a hot spot. With everything that he was telling me, it made a lot of sense why it was becoming so popular.

I have to admit, they were my favorite couple we met over this past summer. We talked almost every day about the real estate business and how to make it work.



Rick Hammett