When To Use A Drain Cleaner And When To Call For Professional Help

Drain Cleaner Problems

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To Use Drain Cleaner Or Not, That Is the Question

Sometimes, the answer to your questions just don’t come as easily as you wish it to be. And one home related question that always gets the better of home owners is when is it okay to fix problems on your own, and when it is wise to call an expert and do the job for you.

This is especially true these days, when the Internet can easily offer what you wish to achieve. However, learning how things are done and actually doing them, are two different things, thus remains the dilemma of whether to do it or not. Because no matter how the World Wide Web could convince you that you can do it on your own, when you just don”t have the right materials and tools, and when you do not have the experience, then things could get pretty messy if you do attempt to accomplish things on your own.

This is not an issue for all aspects of life, but it is a big issue when it comes to fixing home-related problems. Why? Well, mainly because if you mess up, you can end up making the situation worse and then spending a lot to get the damage remedied.

I had to face this exact same dilemma last week, when the sink to the condo I have for rent was clogging up and I was fighting as to whether I could contact professionals to get it fixed, or do it own my own. Of course, the people renting the place for free were not able to give me any idea about it and I didn’t want to let them feel like they destroyed something in the condo. I welcomed them and so any problem that it encounters is for me to fix.

I was lured to my computer screen where I started searching for a drain cleaner that could perhaps do the trick in a quick way. Seeing how easy it all seems, I decided to do the job myself.

How I regret my decision to this day.

I have no idea what kind of piping I had, and so when I poured the chemical into the sink, at first, everything seemed okay and things were back to normal. But boy, was I wrong.

The next day, the people renting the place went to me and told me that there was a leaking on the sink, and it was a big one. Turns out, the chemical bore a whole through the entire pipe because it was not the right kind of dry cleaner for the material used in my piping.

Now, not only did I waste money on the chemicals that only made thing worse, I prolonged the problem, I made it worse, and then I paid triple the expense I would have paid if I have just hired the experts to do the unclogging in the first place.