How to Start a Charity of Your Own

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A lot of people are asking me why I decided to let tenants rent my condo for me. Sometimes, I also ask that question sometimes. If I wanted, I could earn a lot from the condo units that I just let people rent for free.

Maybe it is because I am already blessed and I want people to feel blessed in the littlest of things.

I also had a rough start in life. And I said that if I ever succeed, I will do what I could to help others. And this has been my way of giving back. After all, I still manage to eat and sleep well even when the condos are for free.

Some people said that I should formalize the charity I am doing. However, I do not want to put to much publicity into this act. Quite a few are already asking to stay in my units, and I cannot accommodate everyone if this act goes public. As much as I feel the need to help as many people as I could, I also want to do it one step at a time. This Free Rent Condos may just be the beginning. I certainly am not closing my doors to more possibilities.

Also, I find that establishing a charity has different stages to fulfill that I do not think I have the courage to do just yet.

First, you have to identify the problem you want to solve. When you have, you then need to know the unique way you have to help them.

In my case, I have already identified the problem and the solution. There are a lot of homeless people, and so I decided to provide them shelter.

After identifying comes the extra work. You have to set-up fundraising activities that will make people aware of your cause. You need to get their support so that you can raise money. When you are well funded, you can help a bigger population of the people that could benefit from your program.

I decided to do this on my own, out of my own selflessness. I do not think anything is wrong about doing what I do without bringing it on a larger scale. I do not mean that I do not want to help more. I just feel that I might drown in too much and I might not get the satisfaction I want if it gets too chaotic. Of course, as I said, I am not closing the possibility of turning this into a full-time charity in the future. But I would very much like to handle it at a much slower pace.

But of course, I encourage people out there who wish to establish a charity to do just so. There is nothing wrong about doing it step by step, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it full-scale. The important thing is that you aim to help and you can help.


Rick Hammett