My Uncle’s Visit – Talking about SIP Trunking

Is SIP Trunking Good or Bad for his Business?

I had the most surprising visit from my close uncle Bob. He owns a small call center in the Philippines and wants to expand it big time. He didn’t ask for my advice or something, he just wants to talk to someone because he says it does relax him and clears up his mind before making a big decision.

My uncle is a very balanced man and quite a perfectionist. He wants every decision to be precise and never wants to mess up. So he just wants to talk to me about what I consider good or bad in a business. And of course, my answer is when you earn money then that would be good, and if you lose some then that would be bad.

He agreed, but he said what if you don’t know and you’re not sure, then I told him it’s a risk. In the Philippines, he said that the SIP trunking provider is quite cheap but not that reliable. Making him ponder if it is good to upgrade his business, although I don’t really get what all of that was about especially about SIP trunking. I’m just familiar with internet and telephone connections since I’m not into large scale businesses.

Is SIP Trunking Good or Bad for his Business?

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So what better way to assist me on this was to do some research to know its definition. And luckily I have an internet connection specialist that gave me this website:


I was informed that it’s all about some VoIP and telephone communications using the internet as a bridge or something for it to work out. But I’m no expert so I’m not really a 100% sure about this, but that is what I’ve understood so far.

So my uncle also said that if it will be successful he could potentially earn up to $80,000 a month, which is an insanely huge amount of money. But as much as it actually astonished me, I still didn’t see greatness in that. I want to live humbly as I possibly can. I just told him that it’s really amazing when we talk about business, but I’m just not the right person you should be talking about.

He then replied, “Nah, no one is the right person to talk to when it comes to business.”

So I just smiled and then changed our topic into something different instead like how does he think about my idea of letting my condo be rented for free, charity. He burst out laughing that if he was me, he would never do that. Instead, he would sell the condo unit and invest it in something else, well this man is really business oriented on all things.

I now believe that the saying “a tiger can’t change its stripes,” maybe is my uncle is just a tiger striped with money and business all over his skin. LOL


Rick Hammett