My latest Tenant is a Caveman so He Gave Me a Food List for Caveman Strong Diet

Food List for Caveman Strong Diet Will Not Make You a Caveman But a Strongman

Okay, my new man right here is actually a strongman but before becoming a pro at that he isn’t really a caveman okay, he just calls it that because everything on the diet is actually healthy, organic and natural. “Raw healthy goodness is the key to becoming strong as a caveman, the only way to go if you want to lift a truck,”  he said.

This guys by the way weighing like about 250lbs of pure functional hard muscle, mass and overall essentials. The guy’s heart is soft as a baby’s pillow. I saw him just by the streets actually carrying a lot of grocery food, consumables mostly and the best thing that I saw that really touch my heart is when he actually gave a bag worth $100 of groceries to a skinny young man who seemed to be quite having financial problems, or just having a very thin wallet at the moment.

The kindness he did actually makes me so happy that I just had to ask him “why?” and the words that came out from his mouth really made me shed a tear… He smiled and simply said, “He need it more than I do, I was once in a situation like him, out of nowhere a man gave me a bag of grocery which helped me a lot to survive for 2 weeks. I know the way he looked at the floor when he was walking, I know that look of carrying something heavy in life, so I immediately gave him the bag of goodies. Hoping one day, he would do the same once he’s back right up.”

Food List for Caveman Strong Diet Will Not Make You a Caveman But a Strongman

After hearing such reply, without second thought, I offered him the apartment and told him you are really worthy so please at least take the time to enjoy the free rent from my apartment for a while and it will really help you out.

He was surprised and happy as well. He accepted it and said he would stay just for about a month, after that talk he gave me a great food list for caveman strong diet for me to be healthy and be strong too, seeing from the build and strength he has, I surely want to try it out.

So far so good I have to say, it’s actually just composed of vegetables, like a lot and lots of veggies, fruits and clean meat. Because of this type of diet I was able to run faster, work harder and overall energize like a 18 year old young man.

But for you guys I also had looked up for things like these over the web, here is one on that I bumped on to:

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