The Fulfillment of Helping Those in Need

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No matter how economically developed an area is, there will always be a part of it that is not as established and well-funded as the rest. There will always be a community in need of help of any kind.

This holds true for places even here near where I live. My personal charity program, which involves letting people live in my condo units for free, has been up and running to help even just a little, about the problem on homeless people.

Other charities have major sponsors and contributors, but I started mine out of my own. They were units I no longer use and instead of leaving them unoccupied, I decided to let people in need, live in it for free. Of course, I hold the right to assess the people who try to rent for free.

Most people think that because it is charity work, the condos are substandard. Some pessimists just have the free-time to think negatively about these things, when all we want is just to help.

These of course, are not true. The condo units I let people live in for free are sturdy condos. Yes, they may not be fully furnished, but they have the essentials necessary to make living comfortable. A bed, a couch, the fridge, and a few kitchen utensils and materials are enough to make living comfortable. These provisions, I believe, are more than enough for people in need of a place to stay but could not afford the rent that other places have. It may not be the fanciest there is, but I am confident that it can provide the comfort that it promises.

It is very touching how people are also showing support for my cause. I did not make this endeavor public, thus I was shocked when some people showed their support by giving goods and cash for the project. At first I did not accept them because I told them it was nothing. That I did not need it. But they were persistent and said that they wanted to be a part of something good and great. They said they are giving what they can so that they can show support for the cause I have started. Now I know that there are still a lot of kind-hearted people out there.

Doing good things makes us meet new people that touch our lives with joy and a positive outlook in life. There is also the fact that we get to help people that we do not even know, and we feel their pain, sadness, joy and gratitude, all at the same time.

Rick Hammett