Water Pipe Issues In Our Homes

Why It’s Important To Address Water Pipe Issues

Water Pipe Problems

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Our homes will one day experience plumbing and water pipe issues, no matter how much we care for them. Sometimes, the issue would be a blocked drain due to food particles that have accumulated in the system, or it could be as worse as having structural problems and effects of corrosion.

When these things happen, the most important thing you need to do is identify the problem. Once the issue is identified, then the means to solve them will be easier to see and the cost of the entire repair can be determined.

Plumbing is a tricky problem because it can go unnoticed for a long period of time. Sometimes, people can act on it when it has already burst into a bigger problem. Worse, people can only think to check their water pipes when there is a sudden spike in water bill.

When these things happen and you cannot identify where the problem is, the best action to take is to call an experienced plumbing company in your local area.

Another important use for contacting plumbing service crews is when you are about to purchase a new home or rent a new place to stay.


Anybody planning to buy a house must insist that a thorough home inspection is made before he or she has to decide to purchase or rent the place. Of course, the inspection should be done by a licensed and professional inspection service.

Why call a plumbing crew if an inspection crew will be there to check the home?

Well, more often than not, plumbing inspections on bathrooms, kitchens and hot water heaters, are not part of the inspection services offered by these kinds of company. You cannot expect a home inspector to start sliding down dirt to check on pipes and climb up roofs to check for any holes that might cause water damage. Hence, if you want to make sure that you are transferring or purchasing a home that has a sound plumbing system, you have to call for a separate inspection by licensed plumbers.

That said, the significance of pipe reviews for new property holders can’t be exaggerated. A home walk-through ought to be penciled in by the planned purchaser and you’re plumbing company who will serve as your quarterback and take you desires into assessment so that when you decide to buy the house, you would never have any doubt.

Before I end, I would also like to remind you to make sure you get your inspectors to check the condition of the water meter. Sometimes, you get spikes in your water bill and you immediately think that there are problems with your pipe system, only to find out later, that you have a faulty meter reader.

Plumbing mishaps will happen and no new property holder likes to get up in the morning and put their feet on a squishy floor with water around.

When To Use A Drain Cleaner And When To Call For Professional Help

Drain Cleaner Problems

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To Use Drain Cleaner Or Not, That Is the Question

Sometimes, the answer to your questions just don’t come as easily as you wish it to be. And one home related question that always gets the better of home owners is when is it okay to fix problems on your own, and when it is wise to call an expert and do the job for you.

This is especially true these days, when the Internet can easily offer what you wish to achieve. However, learning how things are done and actually doing them, are two different things, thus remains the dilemma of whether to do it or not. Because no matter how the World Wide Web could convince you that you can do it on your own, when you just don”t have the right materials and tools, and when you do not have the experience, then things could get pretty messy if you do attempt to accomplish things on your own.

This is not an issue for all aspects of life, but it is a big issue when it comes to fixing home-related problems. Why? Well, mainly because if you mess up, you can end up making the situation worse and then spending a lot to get the damage remedied.

I had to face this exact same dilemma last week, when the sink to the condo I have for rent was clogging up and I was fighting as to whether I could contact professionals to get it fixed, or do it own my own. Of course, the people renting the place for free were not able to give me any idea about it and I didn’t want to let them feel like they destroyed something in the condo. I welcomed them and so any problem that it encounters is for me to fix.

I was lured to my computer screen where I started searching for a drain cleaner that could perhaps do the trick in a quick way. Seeing how easy it all seems, I decided to do the job myself.

How I regret my decision to this day.

I have no idea what kind of piping I had, and so when I poured the chemical into the sink, at first, everything seemed okay and things were back to normal. But boy, was I wrong.

The next day, the people renting the place went to me and told me that there was a leaking on the sink, and it was a big one. Turns out, the chemical bore a whole through the entire pipe because it was not the right kind of dry cleaner for the material used in my piping.

Now, not only did I waste money on the chemicals that only made thing worse, I prolonged the problem, I made it worse, and then I paid triple the expense I would have paid if I have just hired the experts to do the unclogging in the first place.


Something To Know When Buying Homes for Sale in Oxford Alabama

Checking Out Homes For Sale In Oxford Alabama

Homes For Sale In Oxford Alabama

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My sister plans to move to Oxford, Alabama as soon as her husband’s job is moved to the place. So, she asked me to help her find a good house for sale in the area. While I’m not actually in Oxford, I still helped her search for real estate properties that they could buy and use when they decide to migrate.

As I am travelling for Oxford to personally check on some leads, I made a list of things that I should check when I am choosing the perfect real estate property to buy. After all, I should be careful in placing my sister’s money in the right property, because these things are not cheap.

The first thing to check in a real estate property is a good location. It has to be somewhere that is accessible to the main roads, but at the same time, far enough from all the noise and traffic of the main road. It has to be in a subdivision that is well protected, and it has to be in an area where floods are not easily experienced, as well as other forms of calamities. I’m sure my sister wants her family to be as safe as possible and location is a very big factor in that.

The next thing I would look for when buying a property is the mood of the neighborhood. My sister has children that needs a good community to grow in. As their uncle, I do not want them to live aloof and afraid because the people in the community are not hospitable and friendly. It would also be great if they can easily make friends, and that would only be possible if the people in the area, their soon to be neighbors, are as friendly and as charitable as my sister’s family are.

parks near Homes for sale in Oxford Alabama

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It would also be great if there are great establishments in the neighborhood. Parks and recreations sites in the area would be a great bonus. It would also be superbly great if they are able to live in an area that is near a reputable school, like the Oxford Middle School.

Lastly, I would check if the property itself is strong and sturdy and in great condition. I will not buy cheap properties only to be bothered by fixing them and repairing them again and again. I would also never go for overly expensive properties that do not even have the quality that I am looking for.

These are basically the things I know I should look for when looking for a home for my sister. Even though it is not my home I am scouting for, I am fairly excited to start the search, and I am also happy that my sister and her family are going to start a new chapter of their lives in a great city. I just have to make sure that they find the perfect place to transfer to, so that their lives will be lived in happiness and content.

The Best Area to Find a Home for Sale

We had a tenant this summer that was also in the real estate business. I always enjoy talking to others that are in the same profession as I am or was. It is just fun to speak with someone who has similar interest as yourself. They were a lovely couple from the great state of Georgia. I have done a lot of business in Georgia and know the state very well. He sells houses from all over the state. Which is very smart on his part, because he does not limit his area. I was very surprised with this, not many real estate agents will do that. Most agents, will stay in one area and make their living there. So many homes for sale around the country.

So I asked him about some of the places that he had homes for sale. He told me that one of his favorite places to sell from was the Atlanta area. He was telling me that was where he would make most of his money from. I myself have sold houses in the Atlanta area and I know that you can make a lot of money there. It is a very good area to do real estate at. He said that he does most of his business in that area. Most agents can just stay in that area and make their living. The metro Atlanta area can be a gold mine if you do it right. This area is for veterans of the field. A new agent could possibly have trouble trying to start out in such a competitive environment.

He also said he liked the Augusta area. I have not done any business there. Augusta is on the other side of the state from Atlanta. He said this was his number two spot for business. It is another big city in Georgia, but it is nowhere near as big as Atlanta. He said the Augusta area has many nice neighborhoods where you could make a lot of money. They are also newer homes. Which is what a lot of people are looking for now. People want more of the modern look. Modern was becoming popular when I did real estate for a living. He was telling me the new and modern subdivision were making it a hot spot. With everything that he was telling me, it made a lot of sense why it was becoming so popular.

I have to admit, they were my favorite couple we met over this past summer. We talked almost every day about the real estate business and how to make it work.



My Uncle’s Visit – Talking about SIP Trunking

Is SIP Trunking Good or Bad for his Business?

I had the most surprising visit from my close uncle Bob. He owns a small call center in the Philippines and wants to expand it big time. He didn’t ask for my advice or something, he just wants to talk to someone because he says it does relax him and clears up his mind before making a big decision.

My uncle is a very balanced man and quite a perfectionist. He wants every decision to be precise and never wants to mess up. So he just wants to talk to me about what I consider good or bad in a business. And of course, my answer is when you earn money then that would be good, and if you lose some then that would be bad.

He agreed, but he said what if you don’t know and you’re not sure, then I told him it’s a risk. In the Philippines, he said that the SIP trunking provider is quite cheap but not that reliable. Making him ponder if it is good to upgrade his business, although I don’t really get what all of that was about especially about SIP trunking. I’m just familiar with internet and telephone connections since I’m not into large scale businesses.

Is SIP Trunking Good or Bad for his Business?

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So what better way to assist me on this was to do some research to know its definition. And luckily I have an internet connection specialist that gave me this website:



I was informed that it’s all about some VoIP and telephone communications using the internet as a bridge or something for it to work out. But I’m no expert so I’m not really a 100% sure about this, but that is what I’ve understood so far.

So my uncle also said that if it will be successful he could potentially earn up to $80,000 a month, which is an insanely huge amount of money. But as much as it actually astonished me, I still didn’t see greatness in that. I want to live humbly as I possibly can. I just told him that it’s really amazing when we talk about business, but I’m just not the right person you should be talking about.

He then replied, “Nah, no one is the right person to talk to when it comes to business.”

So I just smiled and then changed our topic into something different instead like how does he think about my idea of letting my condo be rented for free, charity. He burst out laughing that if he was me, he would never do that. Instead, he would sell the condo unit and invest it in something else, well this man is really business oriented on all things.

I now believe that the saying “a tiger can’t change its stripes,” maybe is my uncle is just a tiger striped with money and business all over his skin. LOL


My latest Tenant is a Caveman so He Gave Me a Food List for Caveman Strong Diet

Food List for Caveman Strong Diet Will Not Make You a Caveman But a Strongman

Okay, my new man right here is actually a strongman but before becoming a pro at that he isn’t really a caveman okay, he just calls it that because everything on the diet is actually healthy, organic and natural. “Raw healthy goodness is the key to becoming strong as a caveman, the only way to go if you want to lift a truck,”  he said.

This guys by the way weighing like about 250lbs of pure functional hard muscle, mass and overall essentials. The guy’s heart is soft as a baby’s pillow. I saw him just by the streets actually carrying a lot of grocery food, consumables mostly and the best thing that I saw that really touch my heart is when he actually gave a bag worth $100 of groceries to a skinny young man who seemed to be quite having financial problems, or just having a very thin wallet at the moment.

The kindness he did actually makes me so happy that I just had to ask him “why?” and the words that came out from his mouth really made me shed a tear… He smiled and simply said, “He need it more than I do, I was once in a situation like him, out of nowhere a man gave me a bag of grocery which helped me a lot to survive for 2 weeks. I know the way he looked at the floor when he was walking, I know that look of carrying something heavy in life, so I immediately gave him the bag of goodies. Hoping one day, he would do the same once he’s back right up.”

Food List for Caveman Strong Diet Will Not Make You a Caveman But a Strongman

After hearing such reply, without second thought, I offered him the apartment and told him you are really worthy so please at least take the time to enjoy the free rent from my apartment for a while and it will really help you out.

He was surprised and happy as well. He accepted it and said he would stay just for about a month, after that talk he gave me a great food list for caveman strong diet for me to be healthy and be strong too, seeing from the build and strength he has, I surely want to try it out.

So far so good I have to say, it’s actually just composed of vegetables, like a lot and lots of veggies, fruits and clean meat. Because of this type of diet I was able to run faster, work harder and overall energize like a 18 year old young man.

But for you guys I also had looked up for things like these over the web, here is one on that I bumped on to:


613 551-2751



Mold Removal NJ – The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bathroom Molds

Goodbye Molds, Thanks To Mold Removal NJ!

Mold Removal NJ company helps remove Bathroom molds

Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

I was watching TV in my home here in New Jersey when I heard of the news on new breeds of molds. Apparently, just like how bacteria behave, molds also have the ability to adapt to the changes in their environment and that when they are not properly executed, they can grow immune to the mold extinguishers that we use when scrub them off our bathroom floors, sinks and wherever we find them.

As I was reading the news, I was enlightened. I am having mold situations myself, especially in the bathroom. Molds can very effectively grow in damp areas and the bathroom is a very good place for that since it is almost always wet. I have been scrubbing off my mold problems for quite some time now. I have skipped from one mold removal repellent to another, hoping that soon one of these commercialized mold killers would actually do the job. However, after just a day or two from my all out scrubbing, molds would start to show up again and then it they would reach a point where it was as if I never scrubbed them off my bathroom tile.

This became a very frustrating situation from me and now I know that commercialized mold repellants are not enough to solve my problem.

I started checking online for a mold removal NJ company can help me instead. This would mean more cash to spend, but I was desperate, and the news that I saw made me want to eliminate it now more than ever. I do not want to get sick just because of these pesky molds.

I tried calling (732) 431-9099 for a company called Absolutely Spotless Mold, Inc. and they told me they can cater to my needs in 6 hours. Not having any idea how these service crews works, I said OK, thinking that 6 hours waiting time is the norm.

While waiting, I continued to browse for other options until I landed on the Flooded-NY website. I called them at (646) 593-7692 and they told me they can be here in an hour! Of course I shifted to their services. Called back the other company and told them not to bother coming anymore.

When Flooded-NY arrived at my house, I thought that they would get right on to the extermination. It turns out that they had to have a sample of the type of mold that grew in my bathroom first, so that they can assess what type of mold they are dealing with and execute them using the proper chemicals. Just as the news said, uninformed extermination of molds might only cause them to grow back ten-folds after they have been thought gone.

In addition to the assessment, they were also collecting samples of the mold so that they can study it and develop more ways on extinguishing the particular mode. This will help their team improve in equipment and materials for their mold removal business. I was very impressed by their dedication and soon learned that the reviews on their site are actually holding truths about this company.

After assessment, they proceeded to the extermination. I left them to do the job and after a few minutes, they were done. When I inspected the results, I was very impressed that my bathroom tiles were free from molds, indeed. Not a spec of mold can be seen throughout my bathroom.

They assured me that the molds will never be able to infest again, and they were true to their word.

It’s amazing to find out that there are still some companies out there that are dedicated to their jobs and treat every aspect of profession, even mold cleaning, with seriousness.

The Story That Started It All

Image Credit: decodedscience.com

Image Credit: decodedscience.com

Some of you are probably wondering why I decided to have my condo rented for free. Well, I have my own reasons, but there is a story that I came across one day, that inspired me to do this humble act of giving. What I do now, is nowhere near what this man did for others.

Every day, there are plenty acts of love that we encounter from others. It is these little things that sometimes make big impacts on those who really need help and support. A lot of us may be strangers from each other, but even this should not stop anybody from helping those who are in need.

Being a stranger surely did not stop a man from helping a homeless guy relive his life. Mr. Thompson was preparing for his retirement. He plans to spend the last years of his life cruising around the world. He availed of a seniors travel insurance so that he can go about the world in ease and with no worries. On the night that he announced his official retirement as CEO of a company, he was headed home when he passed by a man who was getting ready to sleep by the sidewalk. He is not a stranger to this sight because there are a few homeless people around the area and usually, he would hand out a bill so that the homeless person could buy a decent meal.

That night, however, was a different and special night. He asked his driver to stop. He got out of his car and asked the homeless guy to ride with him. At first the homeless guy refused but seeing that Mr. Thompson looked sincere, he went inside the car, confused at what’s going on.

When they reached the house, Mr. Thompson told his driver to wait for him because he’ll only be a while. He then led the homeless guy inside the house and gave him bread and milk. Unlike other rich people, Mr. Thompson came from a simple family before reaching what he has reached. That was why his house was also not too extravagant. It was a simple bungalow-type home.

The homeless guy was shocked when Mr. Thompson handed him the keys, saying that the guy needs it more than he does. He said that the guy can do whatever he wants with the house and everything in it. After all, he was going to take a cruise around the world and that will be years before he comes back.

The homeless guy stood there in shock, tears in his eyes. He asked Mr. Thompson if it was okay to have the other homeless guys stay at the house as well. Mr. Thompson nodded to that then began to take the things he was going to take with him.

As Mr. Thompson headed out to the driveway, he asked for the name of the homeless guy. His name was Earl.

Mr. Thompson stayed at a hotel that night then started his cruise the very next day. He may be old and alone in his life, but he has a happy, fruitful and meaningful life because of the many people that he was able to help.

Right now, he travels the world, happy and contented with his life. He left happy because he knows he has helped some homeless have a shelter to call their own, and he was stress-free because he does not even have to worry where the winds would take him on his cruise, knowing that he is insured so easily through Aussieinsurancecritic.com.

Image Credit: spectator.co.uk

Image Credit: spectator.co.uk

When I came across this story, I was deeply moved. He was a stranger and he did not need to do what he did for the homeless guy, Earl. But He did it anyway.

I may also be a stranger to him, but he has moved me, and has become the reason why I also started having my condo rented for free.

This is great evidence that even strangers can have great impacts on each other’s lives.

The Fulfillment of Helping Those in Need

Image CreditL ahmedabadmarthomachurch.com

Image CreditL ahmedabadmarthomachurch.com

No matter how economically developed an area is, there will always be a part of it that is not as established and well-funded as the rest. There will always be a community in need of help of any kind.

This holds true for places even here near where I live. My personal charity program, which involves letting people live in my condo units for free, has been up and running to help even just a little, about the problem on homeless people.

Other charities have major sponsors and contributors, but I started mine out of my own. They were units I no longer use and instead of leaving them unoccupied, I decided to let people in need, live in it for free. Of course, I hold the right to assess the people who try to rent for free.

Most people think that because it is charity work, the condos are substandard. Some pessimists just have the free-time to think negatively about these things, when all we want is just to help.

These of course, are not true. The condo units I let people live in for free are sturdy condos. Yes, they may not be fully furnished, but they have the essentials necessary to make living comfortable. A bed, a couch, the fridge, and a few kitchen utensils and materials are enough to make living comfortable. These provisions, I believe, are more than enough for people in need of a place to stay but could not afford the rent that other places have. It may not be the fanciest there is, but I am confident that it can provide the comfort that it promises.

It is very touching how people are also showing support for my cause. I did not make this endeavor public, thus I was shocked when some people showed their support by giving goods and cash for the project. At first I did not accept them because I told them it was nothing. That I did not need it. But they were persistent and said that they wanted to be a part of something good and great. They said they are giving what they can so that they can show support for the cause I have started. Now I know that there are still a lot of kind-hearted people out there.

Doing good things makes us meet new people that touch our lives with joy and a positive outlook in life. There is also the fact that we get to help people that we do not even know, and we feel their pain, sadness, joy and gratitude, all at the same time.

How to Start a Charity of Your Own

Image Credit: bethellaw.net

Image Credit: bethellaw.net

A lot of people are asking me why I decided to let tenants rent my condo for me. Sometimes, I also ask that question sometimes. If I wanted, I could earn a lot from the condo units that I just let people rent for free.

Maybe it is because I am already blessed and I want people to feel blessed in the littlest of things.

I also had a rough start in life. And I said that if I ever succeed, I will do what I could to help others. And this has been my way of giving back. After all, I still manage to eat and sleep well even when the condos are for free.

Some people said that I should formalize the charity I am doing. However, I do not want to put to much publicity into this act. Quite a few are already asking to stay in my units, and I cannot accommodate everyone if this act goes public. As much as I feel the need to help as many people as I could, I also want to do it one step at a time. This Free Rent Condos may just be the beginning. I certainly am not closing my doors to more possibilities.

Also, I find that establishing a charity has different stages to fulfill that I do not think I have the courage to do just yet.

First, you have to identify the problem you want to solve. When you have, you then need to know the unique way you have to help them.

In my case, I have already identified the problem and the solution. There are a lot of homeless people, and so I decided to provide them shelter.

After identifying comes the extra work. You have to set-up fundraising activities that will make people aware of your cause. You need to get their support so that you can raise money. When you are well funded, you can help a bigger population of the people that could benefit from your program.

I decided to do this on my own, out of my own selflessness. I do not think anything is wrong about doing what I do without bringing it on a larger scale. I do not mean that I do not want to help more. I just feel that I might drown in too much and I might not get the satisfaction I want if it gets too chaotic. Of course, as I said, I am not closing the possibility of turning this into a full-time charity in the future. But I would very much like to handle it at a much slower pace.

But of course, I encourage people out there who wish to establish a charity to do just so. There is nothing wrong about doing it step by step, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it full-scale. The important thing is that you aim to help and you can help.